Privacy Policy

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BNB u3a - Privacy Policy

The BNB U3A treats your privacy rights seriously. This policy sets out how we will deal with your
‘personal information’, that is, information that could identify, or is related to the identity of an

What personal information do we collect?

When you express an interest in becoming a member of BNB U3A you will be asked to provide
certain information. This includes:

  • Your name
  • Home address
  • Email address
  • Telephone number
  • Your subscription preferences
  • Your Gift Aid status

How do we collect this personal information?

All the information collected is obtained directly from you. This is usually at the point of your initial
registration. The information will be collected via membership forms or on line contact forms. The
lawful basis for collecting and storing your information is because of the contractual relationship that
you as a member, have with the U3A. In order to inform you about the groups, activities and events
that you can access as a member we need to store and process a certain amount of personal data.
When you join an interest group you will also be asked to provide information about your next of kin or
another person you nominate as a contact is case of emergency.

How do we use your personal information?

We use your personal information:

  • To provide our U3A activities and services to you
  • For administration, planning and management of the BNB U3A
  • To communicate with you about your group activities
  • To monitor, development and improve the provision of the BNB U3A activities

We’ll send you messages by email, post, other digital methods and telephone to advise you of any
BNB U3A activities.

Who do we share your personal information with?

We may disclose information about you, including your personal information:

  • Internally – to committee members and group leaders – as required to facilitate your
    participation in the BNB U3A activities
  • Externally – with your consent for products or services such as direct mailing for the Trust
    magazine – Third Age Trust and Sources
  • We have a statutory duty to disclose it to other legal and regulatory bodies

Issued May 2018