4 - About our website

This section describes how to navigate around our website.

What does the Welcome tab do?

Here you will find an introduction to the U3A and also a link to essential policy documents.

What does the Groups tab do?

Gives you access to all the Activity, Leisure and Learning groups being run. This will give you an introduction explaining how information about the groups can be accessed and how you can join one.

There is a long list of groups and you just need to click on a group name to access that particular group’s webpage. Where a particular activity has multiple groups running you will be able to identify which of these interests you, depending on your skills or experience. You can then email the group leader, using the link on the group’s webpage, to enquire about joining. Each group may also have links to events they are going to host so watch out for them.

What does the u3a Events tab do?

The u3a Events page contains information, mainly about Social Events such as Theatre visits and Outings, but may also contain information on meetings and events that Group Leaders have asked to be highlighted to members. It also lists the speakers and topics at each of the monthly meetings. A summary of future events applicable to all members is also displayed on the Welcome page, and events applicable to specific Groups are displayed on Group pages.

What does the General Enquiries tab do?

This is where you will find a form to complete for general enquiries. Group Leaders are each listed on their relevant group page.

IT Training and IT Help Desk pages

The IT Training page contains links to a number of IT training articles giving guidance on a large number of IT topis, from Computer Basics, to advanced document creation. The It Help Desk provides a form to complete to allow entry of IT help requests that will be sent to the Computer and Technology group for assistance.

How do I set up my group page?
It is up to you to decide what information to put on your Group Page. You can:

  • add pictures to brighten the page
  • include a logo at the top of the page
  • use sub-pages to contain additional information - eg Bridge Scores, Walk reports etc
  • provide documents for members to down-load
  • link to other relevant pages or web-sites

For assistance and guidance with your Group page please contact the WebMaster